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Penpals for Handwriting Year 2 Teacher's Book

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The Year 2 Penpals for Handwriting Teacher’s Book provides clear step-by-step instructions on how to teach each unit including:

An outline of the unit’s key learning whole-class teaching support linked to Penpals Interactive links to the use of the corresponding Practice Books and workbooks with suggestions for both group work and independent work.

Suggestions for extra practice and home practice.

Guidance on common errors and what to do about them.

You'll also find a full scope and sequence for the whole scheme showing progression of skills and links to English National Curriculum requirements, a beginning of year assessment to help you track pupil progress and photocopy masters for extra handwriting practice and homework.

The Year 2 Teacher’s Book provides best-practice guidance on introducing the four types of letter join and supports the use of the Year 2 Penpals for Handwriting Interactive activities. At this stage, children start using some of the diagonal and horizontal joins. They are taught and then practise joins within digraphs and trigraphs. They begin to join through a word in stages and also learn about the break letters. They practise spacing between words. There is an emphasis on correct sizing of lowercase letters, capital letters and digits.

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