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Perform with Time - The one-to-one coaching system to success with time

by ABC001
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What is Perform with Time?

Being confident about dealing with Time is one of the most useful maths based life skills.  Perform with Time is a structured coaching book which covers all aspects of dealing with Time.  It allows anyone to develop their ability to work with time, as Perform with Time is essentially about giving students the skills to deal with time in everyday situations.

  • Practical solutions
  • Essential maths based life skills
  • Working with time

Does it work?

Perform with Time covers everything needed to be able to deal with time, works on the same highly structured and successful approach as our other books.  A major part of its success is that it gradually builds up skills and knowledge, and it therefore has a huge impact on confidence and belief.

  • Huge success of the Perform with Time is due to the immense sense of achievement that a person gets when working through the book. 
  • Gradually builds up skills and knowledge
  • Based on the same highly structured approach of the other books.

Who is it suitable for?

Perform with Time can be used as a standalone coaching book, or as a book to follow on from Power of 2, but has also been used successfully alongside Power of 2.  It is suitable for all age groups from about the age of 8, right the way up to basic adult numeracy.  The clear language and repetition benefits students with dyslexia and those with English as an Additional language.  Students with dyscalculia benefit from the highly structured approach with clear explanations. . 

  • Age range – from 8 to basic adult numeracy
  • Special needs – Dyslexia, Dyscalculia
  • Can be used as a stand alone or in conjunction / following on from Power of 2.
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