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Playring Bubbles - Multi Coloured


€235.77 ex. VAT

Designed for the rigours of daily use in a day nursery or crèche, a top quality supportive ring for babies with added sensory activities built in.


2 Half Circle Sides connect to make a ring 800 mm dia. Inside measures: 650mm x 580mm x 200mm high

Includes:  Squeakers, sewn in round bubble mirrors, pockets, decorative “Bubble” appliqué ;

Made from our exclusive anti-bacterial, hygienic "eco-Play" fabrics: waterproof, ultra non-toxic, phthalate free, and wipe clean. Filled with fire retardant CFC free foam. 

Age: 18 months + 

Use under adult supervision.

Remove shoes before play.

Available in black and white (PLA073)  or multi coloured (PLA072)

Product Code PLA072
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