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Plus 1 - The Introductory Coaching System to Maths Success

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Plus 1 is the introductory book of the series allowing anyone to make progress with their maths.  The book is essentially a coaching manual which allows anyone to deliver individual support.  The book teaches all the building blocks of numbers, and begins to develop skills with mental calculations. 

Plus 1 is ideal for anyone who benefits from repeated maths practice.  It's designed to appeal to all age ranges and it suitable from 6 years old, right up to adult basic skills.   The clear language and repetition benefits students with dyslexia and those with English as an Additional language.  Students with dyscalculia benefit from the highly structured approach with clear explanations. 

  • Age range –  5 year olds to basic adult numeracy
  • Special needs –  Dyslexia, Dyscalculia

What topics does the book cover?

The book covers basic number work, such as counting forwards and backwards with numbers up to 10, adding and subtracting numbers up to 10, and introducing doubling and halving. It is for anyone who benefits from repeated practice and explanation as the book, Plus 1, stems from the need of some people to have more reinforcement and practice than is often available.    

  • Counting backwards and forwards
  • Adding and subtracting up to 10
  • Introduction to doubling and halving
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