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Privacy Barrier - Pop Up

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This barrier is an essential piece of equipment that can be used in the classroom and placed between pupils to play barrier games or encourage independent working.

Activities can then be carried out using miniature objects or activity sheets, for example listening for sounds or following and giving instructions. The barrier games can be played by a teacher / therapist and child or by two children.

  • Ideal as a privacy partition for children with concentration problems
  • Can be used for barrier games with children and or teacher / therapist
  • Portable - use on the move!
  • Encourage independent learning

The partition can also be used with sides and is an ideal classroom solution for students who have problems concentrating on their work and work best in a distraction free environment. The pop-up barrier is lightweight and can be easily folded and stored in a small bag.

  • Ideas for barrier games included.
  • Barrier size: H32cm x W117cm.
  • Partition Size: H32cm x W32cm x L32cm.

The barrier needs to be used on a flat, unvarnished surface and suction pads work best when moisture is added.



Product Code PRI002
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