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Quiet Times - A Safety Valve For Student Stress

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Quiet Times is a book designed to provide a safety valve for student stress. Recognising that students have increasing demands placed on them both at school and at home, the low-intensity activities within the book are aimed at providing a chance for students to take a break to simply contemplate their own thoughts and feelings. Designed to be used in short 10-15 minute classroom breaks, the activities require no preparation and no additional equipment. The varied readings and exercises in the book engage students in areas like inspiration, motivation, goal setting, achievement, perception, values, and many more. A separate section is comprised of simple creative activities that any student can tackle.

Quiet Times will not only get students thinking about what is important to them, but will also allow them a welcome chance to recharge and refresh in the midst of busy and often stressful day-to-day classroom learning.

Pages: 64

Age: 8 years +

Product Code QUI002
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