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Rock 'n' Gem Surprise

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Crack open the rocks to reveal the treasure in Rock ‘N’ Gem Surprise!

Children can discover colourful gems in different shapes and sizes, helping to build and develop fine motor skills, colour and shape recognition and role-playing skills.

Crack open play rocks to reveal colourful surprise gems again and again!

  • Crack open a colourful gem in this kids surprise toy!
  • Little ones get a no-mess introduction to sorting, matching, and counting with the play rocks (geodes) and gems of Rock 'n' Gem Surprise from Learning Resources.
  • Using the included play hammer and chisel, kids can crack open each reusable play geode and discover the translucent plastic gemstones inside.
  • Gems double as manipulatives, and come in eight different colours and four different shapes - you might find a red heart, a purple triangle, a green diamond, or more fun combinations.
  • In addition to helping kids learn early sorting, matching, and counting skills, Rock 'n' Gem Surprise also develops fine motor skills and introduces kids to early STEM and geology concepts without the messy clean-up associated with real rocks and geodes.
  • Each of the set's two-piece play geodes pops apart and snaps back together for endless learning fun - crack 'em open again and again!
  • Rock 'n' Gem Surprise also comes with a storage bag for fast and simple clean-up.
  • Individual rock measures 6cm.
  • suitable for ages 3 years+

Product Code ROC005
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