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To really get things going, children need a good sense of rhythm as they pull and push the handles for forward motion and steer with their feet.

It is excellent fun and excellent for strengthening motor and coordination skills.

Suitable for  1 child(ren) of 4-8 years

Max weight: 75 kg

Self Assembly

Adult supervision required.

The Easy Rider is in conformity with the provisions of the following EC directive(s), including all applicable amendments and this product is Phthalate and Cadmium free in accordance with the relevant standards.

Never use near steps, sloped driveways, hills, roadways, alleyes or swimming pool areas.

The toy should be used with caution to avoid falls or collisions that could endanger the rider or others.

Always wear shoes.

Never allow more than 1 rider(s)

Approximate Dimension: Sizes: Width 610 x Length 910 x Height 580mm. Seat Height 290mm.

Maintenance Instructions:

- check condition of steering assembly, handlebar grips, wheels and metals parts from time to time.

- if nylon bearings in head tube or rear wheels make noise lubricate with acid free grease or oil.

- use original spare parts only. 

Product Code ROW001
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