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Southpaw - 2-IN-1 Frog Swing (121920)

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Southpaw Code: 121920

Two great swings in one.

This awesome Frog Swing comes with a Trapeze bar at the top to allow clients a handlebar to hold onto, but then with a few clicks, change the activity into a Trapeze swing task.

This piece of equipment offers great proprioceptive stimulation and vertical movement with the Frog Swing; and upper extremity strengthening, motor planning and core strengthening with the Trapeze swing.

Dimensions: 56", Trapeze Bar is 30"

Working load - 120 lbs

Use under adult supervision.

Importance Notice: All swings must be used with Southpaw’s Safety rotational Device and safety Snap. This is purchased separately, SPW068 or SPW105

Product Code SPW179
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