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Southpaw - Acrobat Swing Rainbow (120077) - Purchased to Order

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Southpaw code 120077.

Southpaw's Acrobat Swing allows your clients to star in their own circus by providing a variety of therapeutic uses! It can be hung from two, three or four attachment points. As a hammock it provides vestibular input, with increased deep pressure providing a calming effect. The three or four-point hook up increases the challenge by allowing clients to climb through the layers. Or, it can provide a calming tent-like space. This swing is great for developing body awareness and addressing motor planning skills.
Made of four 48"x 96" layers of heavy duty four way stretch Lycra, this swing provides varying degrees of resistance, layer by layer. A definite must-have for any therapeutic setting.

Use under adult supervision

Working Load: 300 Pounds

NOTE: Never use the Acrobat Swing with more than one person at a time. Multiple clients can unbalance the Acrobat Swing and cause a fall.

NOTE: Safety Snaps, Therapy Ropes and Height Adjusters are not included in the swing and must be purchased separately.

Importance Notice: All swings must be used with Southpaw’s Safety rotational Device and safety Snap. This is purchased separately, SPW747



Product Code SPW093
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