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Southpaw - Flying Trapeze (1960) - PURCHASED TO ORDER

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Southpaw Code: 1960

Therapists are always looking for new ways to enhance motor skills using movement, so we developed the Southpaw Flying Trapeze. This horizontal glider is excellent for helping clients develop a tolerance for movement, for improving flexion patterns, and motor planning a new task.

The system hangs from two existing ceiling points, 8 to 12 feet apart, and does not require wall-mounted suspension points. A special track allows the trolley to glide freely from one end to the other.

Like many Southpaw items, adjustability is built into the Flying Trapeze so you can meet your clients' individual needs. Adjust the height, the angle, and choose a seat. You may want a young client to sit in the sling seat so that his feet almost touch the floor. You may want to position another client prone in the sling seat with the beam at an angle so she can pull herself hand-over-hand up a rope using heavy work patterns.

The configuration of the upper rigging uses four height adjustment systems to give you complete control over the height and the angle of the track, and keeps the mechanism from swaying.

Adjustable Height: 8'-12'
Length: 10'
Working Load: 200 lbs.

Use under adult supervision

Product Code SPW212
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