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Southpaw Helicopter Swing (120170)

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The Helicopter Swing offers responsive support in a flexion position. The swing can be used lying face down or on the back, and helps the most nervous client gain confidence in swinging.


Attach your Helicopter Swing to your support eye bolts with the Safety Snaps provided. The four ropes near the head and chest point will suspend from one eyebolt, while the two ropes near the foot of the swing will suspend from the second eyebolt.

To suspend your Helicopter Swing from two points, suspension points must be between 3 feet and 4 feet apart. 

Use the Southpaw Height Adjuster (# 5000) to raise or lower the Helicopter Swing to the appropriate height. 

WEIGHT LIMIT: 200 lbs.


Height requirement minimum of 8 feet. 

Use caution to keep a minimum of 6 foot clear distance from walls and other obstacles

Age: 3 years +

Use under adult supervision

Southpaw Product Code 120170.

Importance Notice: All swings must be used with Southpaw’s Safety rotational Device and safety Snap. This is purchased separately, SPW068 or SPW105

Product Code SPW323
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