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Southpaw Linear Glider Tent Cover (121855)

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The Southpaw Linear Glider Tent Cover works with the Adult Linear Glider (sold separately), to provide a small space for the over-stimulated client. Unlike other swings that provide some bit of enclosure, the Linear Glider Tent Cover provides the ability for a therapist and child, or two peers, to work on activities at the same time. This simple addition to an already therapeutic favorite provides a great way to improve attention, focus and one-on-one interaction.

Dimensions: 59"W x 57"H x 29"D
Southpaw Product Code 121855.

   Importance Notice: All swings must be used with Southpaw’s Safety rotational Device and safety Snap. This is purchased separately, SPW068 or SPW105

Product Code SPW328
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