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Southpaw - Standard Bi-Lateral Bolster Swing (1070)

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Help improve bilateral integration while getting the benefits of postural and balance adjustments. The bilateral bolsters offer all the benefits of our standard bolster swings, but with two ropes on each end that attach to the sides of the bolster body. Closer in design to Dr. A Jean Ayres' original bolster, your clients can grasp these ropes with both hands for added stability. Comes in standard and pony bolster sizes.

If you already have a Standard Bolster, but want the added stability of the bilateral design, you can order just the bilateral bolster body, which will have perfectly from your existing bolster bar.

Like our standard bolsters, we offer the Bilateral Bolsters in two lengths: the Standard is 48" long, and the Pony is 36" long. The Standard Bilateral Bolster is most popular where clients range in size from small children to teenagers. The Pony Bilateral Bolster is designed where size and weight are more of a concern, or where the client base consists primarily of preschoolers and other small children. We also offer detachable carpet kits, sold separately, which provides additional tactile stimulation.

Working load: 350 lbs.
Height: 70"
Diameter: 9"


Use under adult supervision.

Importance Notice: All swings must be used with Southpaw’s Safety rotational Device and safety Snap. This is purchased separately, SPW068 or SPW105

Product Code SPW035
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