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Southpaw - Weighted Blankets Set of 4 (147 x 76 cm each ) 4 x 5 lbs(2.3 kg) - (2275)

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Southpaw code 2275 -  This Large Weighted Blanket Set can meet a variety of size and input needs.

Deluxe Set of 4 weighted blankets each blanket weighing  5 lbs/2,3 kgs

Measurements: 30" x 58" / 145x75 cm each

Machine Washable on low temperature

Use under adult supervision

Southpaw weighted blankets are manufactured with safe, non-toxic steel shot sandwiched between two outside layers in a proprietary laminating process.

This allows the entire blanket surface to be weighted, not just individual sections, providing proprioceptive feedback to clients who need overall calming sensory input.

The unique design lets the therapist choose the amount of weight needed, but adding blankets to position the weight exactly where it is needed.

Southpaw Weighted Blankets are lead-free and are machine washable on low temperatures.

Product Code SPW094
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