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Tactile Massage Ball 100 cm Therasensory

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This 100 cm gym ball has a knobbly surface to relax and stimulate muscles and provides tactile feed back. Please note that the knobbles are hard so this ball is only suitable for those who crave a more intense input.

Recommended capacity: max. 120 kg

Age: 3 years +

Use under adult supervision


Size: 10 cm Diameter

Additional Information

These exercise balls are used to improve flexibility, co-ordination and gross motor skills. Also used for core strengthening, mobility exercises, and balance training. A gym ball is more difficult to control than a peanut roll as it can travel in all directions. If the user has poor balance or is nervous on an unstable surface than a peanut roll might be a better option as it only moves forwards and backwards, this makes it easier to control.  For correct size measure from your child's armpit to the tip of the middle finger in centimetres, this will give you an idea of the best ball height for your child. This is a guideline only, if your therapist has recommended a particular size ball please follow their direction.



Product Code TAC015
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