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TalkAbility - Guidebook

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The Hanen Centre designed the TalkAbility­™ guidebook for parents of verbal children ages 3-7 with social communication difficulties. Some of these children have a diagnosis of High-Functioning Autism or Social Communication Disorder, while others may have no diagnosis at all, but simply have difficulty with socila communication. What these children all have in common is difficulty knowing what to say and do in social situations.

Many of these children find it difficult to:

  • Have conversations with others
  • Play with children their own age
  • Talk about things that interest someone else
  • Change a routine without becoming very frustrated
  • The TalkAbility guidebook teaches you how conversations work and helps you identify the things your child does well and the things he needs to work on. This makes it a lot easier to know how to help him.

    You’ll learn, for example, that conversation consists of three parts, referred to in the guidebook as “ICE”:


    With the help of the Conversation Checklists in the guidebook, you’ll be able to figure out which of these three parts your child needs the most help with.

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