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Talkabout - 2nd Edition

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Now designed specifically for adolescents or adults with special needs, this practical resource is packed with activities and games for developing social skills. Social competence is an essential aspect of our quality of life and this resource will help you to develop these skills with this client group. The book includes:

• Over 60 activities to develop social skills in body language, the way we talk, conversations and assertiveness.
• Over a years' worth of work on developing social skills.
• A short introduction to working with adolescents and adults with social skills difficulties.
• An assessment of social skills and planning sheet for intervention.
• Ideas for group cohesion activities to use within your groups.
• Forms and evaluation sheets to help with the smooth running of groups.
• All activities available to download to print out and use.


This second edition will reposition the original Talkabout and Talkabout Activities as the second of three texts for adolescents and adults, mirroring the three titles published for children (1. Developing Self Awareness and Self Esteem 2. Developing Social Skills 3.Developing Friendship and Skills).

Age: 7+ Spiralbound -  216 pages


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