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The A to Z of ASDs Aunt Aspie's Guide to Life

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The A to Z of ASDs is a one-stop shop for adults on the autism spectrum in the form of an alphabetical guide to an array of challenging topics. From anxiety to zen meditation, compassion to self-esteem, dating to socializing (and everything in between), Aunt Aspie's wisdom and witty one-liners offer helpful advice for serious subjects. With tried-and-tested tips, Aunt Aspie shares some of the tough life lessons she's learnt so you can avoid making the same mistakes, and make informed choices on the issues that matter.

Sometimes philosophical, often light-hearted and always informative, the practical information in this book will help you to navigate tricky life issues, and enable you to think through the more challenging questions facing people with ASDs.

Paperback / softback 
2016, 7.76in x 5.12in / 197mm x 130mm, 264pp 

Product Code THE081
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