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Therapeutic Sensory Large Suspended Platform Swing

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The suspended platform is the perfect device for exercises addressing disrupted sensory integration, especially disturbances of sensory and postural modulation. Available with two or four rolls.

Children with sensory integration issues have a number of ways to react to the environment. Even though each child is special, there are few typical ways to respond to sensory input. Sensory integration is a way of describing brain processes that help us take, organize, and respond effectively to information received or gathered from our 5 senses.

The shape of the swing creates areas of instability increasing the challenge of balancing on the swing. Exercises with the swing focuses on areas of vestibular stimulation and spatial orientation.

  • The Platform Swing is useful in the development of a child’s vestibular system, by forcing them to accept more movement sensations.
  • Different movement sensations and repetitive swinging motion has been known to help calm and regulate an over stimulated child.
  • Must be used under adult supervision. Safety matting needs to be put under the matting, this is not supplied
  • Our swing platforms are used to improve directional and spatial awareness.

Size: Diameter of seat: 110 cm.

Product Purpose: Sensory Integration Therapy

Material: Wood

Weight: 5.9 kg.

Assembly: Assembly required

Product Code SEN112
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