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They're Driving Me Mad

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For those who work with pupils who are 'beyond' the existing classroom behavioural systems and who find the social and emotional aspects of learning to be a real challenge.

Are you troubled by the challenging behaviour of children you teach?  Children who behave in unpredictable and dangerous ways are increasingly apparent in schools.  Such children’s conduct is a hazard to the emotional, psychological and physical health of themselves and others.  They’re Driving Me Mad! is written to help you cope with children who do not respond to positive strategies, leaving you in despair.

This book covers:

• Strategies to prevent extreme behaviour

• How to reinforce safe boundaries

• Ways staff can support each other

• What professional support is available.

Jenny Mosley and Zara Niwano provide you with a circles of support model for reaching children beyond the normal strategies.  They provide comprehensive information on this approach:

• What circles of support are and how to establish them

• Case studies of successful circles of support

• Extensive lesson plans for conducting circles of support.

Contains 176 pages (254 x 195mm).

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