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Time Timer Original - Medium (8 inch)( New Version) (Available End of February)

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The size of the Time Timer audible (18 x 18 cm) makes it a versatile product for both individual and group applications.

This classroom-tested timer can be free standing or wall mounted. With optional audible signal.

With the Time Timer, educators make full use of their time with students.

Use the Time Timer in the classroom to:
– Teach the concept of time.
– Train students to use time wisely.
– Track the duration of activities.
– Monitor standardized tests.

Designed to help students understand, “how much longer”, no other teaching aid reinforces the concept of elapsed time like the teacher-tested Time Timer.

Time Timer delivers a sensitive solution to time management for all special needs.
In Special needs, Time Timer applications include:

  • Guidance for individuals with ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and Dyslexia.
  • Monitoring time during counselling and therapy sessions.
  • Geriatric care, such as memory prompting for medications and appointments.
  • Stroke and brain disorder rehabilitation.
  • Perfect for both individual and group settings, the Time Timer helps make every moment count.
  • Enhanced Battery Compartment: Attached Battery Door, shallow battery tray, and spring held battery connection to support easier battery insertion and stronger connection. No more loose batteries!
  • New Frame and Lens: Internal frame has been removed to allow for enhanced visibility. Clear lens has been added to prevent damage to the face and red disk.
  • 15% Bigger Red Disk: Disk increased from 10 cm (~4”) in diameter to 11.5 cm (4.625”) in diameter
  • 35% Bigger Numerals: Numbers & font were changed to increase legibility. Numbers increased from 1.1 cm to 1.5 cm tall.
  • New Center Set Knob
  • New Slot at Top for Visual Schedule Activity Cards
  • New Updated Design – softer edges, cleaner center attachment
  • New Updated Internal Mechanism for longer product life

Everyday life 
Time TimerAt home and in everyday life, the Time Timer has a million uses that will help you become more productive, more organized and more relaxed throughout the day.

Use the Time Timer to:


  • Help children focus on their homework.
  • Balance TV (or computer)time with playtime.
  • Stick to practice and worrkout schedules.
  • Assist with “start/end-of-day” routine

Time Timer Blank Cards (TIM024) are available for these timers, this allows the user to customize the Timer with stickers, washable marker, colour etc.

Instead of using numbers, users are free to use their imagination as to how to mark the increments of time.

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