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Weighted Blanket Blue (110 x 90 cm) - 4 kg ( 8.8 lbs)

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The weight is provided by plastic beads sewn into an inner lining for additional strength and comfort.    

The Sensory Direct classic weighted blanket can be used on a bed (on top of existing bedding) or is perfect from draping across the shoulders or wrapping around the body for a calming hug effect. 

Dimensions: (L) 140 cm x (W) 120 cm.  Machine washable.

Use under adult supervision.

Weighted blankets can help:

  • Promote a calming effect
  • Encourage relaxation and better sleep
  • Provide and safe and effective therapeutic solution
  • Prevent melt-downs and repetitive behaviours
  • Relieve anxiety and stress
  • Ease transitions


Product Code WEI117
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