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Weighted Fleece Waistcoat-Jacket - Adult Medium - 38" - 42" 3.5kg

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Weighted sleeveless jacket made from fleece with a cotton lining.  

The shoulder pockets allow weight to be placed where it is really needed and most effective giving the effect of someone pressing down gently on the shoulders - which is both effective and comfortable for the wearer.  

The weights around the middle allow additional weight to be evenly distributed as required.

Size Adult Small  fits Chest 38 - 42", weight 3.5 kgs

It is recommended that the garment weight does not exceed 5% of the user's bodyweight unless recommended otherwises by your Occcupational Therapist. Remove some of the weights if necessary but ensure weights are evenly distributed across the garment.

The garment can be washed at 40 degrees C. Please ensure  that all of the weights are removed prior to washing.

A weighted garment should be used under supervision at all times

Product Code WEI149
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