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Write from the Start


A unique approach to developing fine motor and perceptual skills, Write from the Start’ offers a radically different and effective approach to handwriting. Structured activities develop the muscles of the hand so that children gain the necessary control to produce letter forms, alongside the perceptual skills required to orientate and organise letters and words. It has been extensively used in British schools and proved highly successful with:

• Mainstream children aged 4-6

• Children with developmental co-ordination disorder (dyspraxia)

• Older children with mild/moderate learning difficulties.

This cumulative programme is structured into 8 booklets.

At each stage, the photocopiable exercise sheets can be made into an attractive booklet so that pupil and teacher can monitor progress and achievement.

Contains: Book 1 (120 × A4 pages), Book 2 (136 × A4 pages) and a Teacher's Handbook.

Product Code WRI003