• Self-Esteem Programme
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Low self Esteem can have a negative effect on both mental wellbeing and 
behaviour, but - "A high self-esteem environment is a high performing environment" .
Your choice-self esteem is based on experiential learning methods, the book contains 15 session plans, with accompanying photocopiable worksheets and suggested work, designed to enhance self-esteem, recognise strengths and reflect on personal qualities.
• recognising individual strengths
• discovering positive personal qualities 
• develop open interaction and trust.
• learn social skills – handling positive and negative 'put-downs' 
• encouraging reflection and discussion
• develop insight into behaviour
1 It's Good To Be Me!
2 Be Proud!
3 If I Could Choose
4 Feeling Good
5 It's Great To Be Me!
6 Thank You, I...
7 Put-Downs
8 How To Handle Put-Downs
9 Illusions
10 Be Happy
11 Positive Strokes
12 What It Feels Like To Be Me
13 You Are OF Worth But...
14 What Now?
15 What Have We Got On?