• Special Needs: What to Do and What to Know
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Special Needs: What to Know and What to Do is designed to help Special Needs Coordinators understand and know how to respond to students with special needs.

This invaluable resource will ensure that your staff have a consistent and coherent approach to the support offered to young people in your school, no matter what changes may lie ahead.

Special Needs: What to Know and What to Do will:

  • Provide you with a consistent approach when supporting special needs children
  • Provide every member of staff, parents and carers with a source of information and understanding
  • Provide the opportunity to establish more confidence between staff and parents/carers by showing that the school is prepared
  • Help you identify and support students in your school with special needs.

This book covers over 20 different conditions and each topic is broken down into the following six sections:

  1. Introduction and definition
  2. Detailed description
  3. Strategies and arrangements to support students
  4. Case study and activity
  5. Information handout
  6. Sources of help and support (colleagues, websites, further reading and references)

A4 ring binder, 318 pages Accompanying CD-ROM