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A Wibble called Bipley

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A Wibble Called Bipley is a story for children who have hardened their hearts or become bullies.

Bipley is a warm cuddly creature, but someone has broken his heart. He feels so hurt that he decides it is just too painful to ever love again.

When he meets some big tough Honks in the wood, they teach him how to harden his heart so that he doesn't have to feel hurt any more.

Luckily Bipley meets some creatures who teach him how he can protect himself without hardening his heart.

Age Recommendation: 4-12 years

The illustrated stories are designed to be told alongside the guide (available separately HEL009) but can be  and used independently.

The Guide HEL009 focuses on a particular feeling, with exercises and ideas to help children think about, express and focus on that feeling to the point of resolution.

Product Code AWI002
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