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Anti-Stress Ball


€2.36 ex. VAT
  • Stress balls come with a short instruction manual: you just squeeze it over and over.
  • How they are of benefit is simple. When you squeeze, the muscles not only contract in your hand, but up your arm as well. Hold the squeeze for a second or two and then release. As your muscles relax, the tension will leave your arms and hands, thereby relieving stress. This is very simple but effective way to help children relieve their frustration and stress levels.
  • One supplied, colours may vary, 6cm diameter.
  • Age 3+.

Additional Information
There are numerous benefits besides just relieving stress. Hand strength and dexterity will improve, helping the child to write more efficiently and grip and grab things easier. Stress balls also stimulate blood circulation and can help to reduce pain and stiffness. For children who complain that their hand hurts during/after writing a stress ball will relieve the pain. All this is achieved just by squeezing a simple ball.
Also if a child needs help concentrating in class you’d be surprised how effective a stress ball/squeeze toy can be at boosting their attention level. 

If punctured this item must be discarded at once. Keep away from sharp objects. 

Product Code ANT002
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