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ARK's proSpoon Small - Smooth (Blue)

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ARK's proSpoon™ was specially designed by feeding therapist Debbie Lowsky, MS, CCC-SLP to support easy feeding and food removal for young children.  The size and shape of the spoon bowl are "just right" - big enough to hold an appropriate amount of food, but small enough to prevent the spoon from being overloaded with too much food.  

It's a rigid spoon, but it does have slight flexibility to it so that it's gentle on the teeth (in case someone has a bite reflex and bites down on the spoon).   

·         This listing is for 1 proSpoon™.

·         Each spoon measures 5.4" long.  The handle measures 0.35" in diameter. 

·         The spoon bowl specifically measures about 1.4 x .75" (LxW). 

·         This size is best for infants and toddlers.  Older children and adults can use the spoon as well, it just won't hold very much food for them.

·         Each spoon is sold individually.

·         Exact colours hues may vary slightly.

·         Dishwasher-safe.

·         Medical grade, FDA compliant, no lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex.

·         Works best with puréed foods like yogurt, applesauce, stage 1 baby foods, etc. 


Please note:

·         this is a spoon, not a chew tool

·         this is not a vibrating spoon.  If you're looking for the vibrating spoon, please see ARK's Z-Vibe with the Spoon Tip attachment

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