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Balancing Board

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This balance board is a good starting point when the child's balance is too good for a rocker board but is still challenged and needs improvement.  It also has a ribbed surface to help prevent slipping.  Performing balance exercises on a balance board has been proven to help children with coordination problems.  Improvements have been seen in rhythm, auditory and visual processing, and motor coordination in children struggling with sensory challenges.  In trying to maintain your balance whilst using this balance board the body’s sensory system is trained by forcing the brain and body to focus on remaining stable in a difficult situation, meaning both halves of the brain have to work together. 

Additional Information

The fulcrum of this balance board is a wide semi-sphere whose diameter is just a little less than the diameter of the balancing surface.  This allows the board to pivot in all directions, forward-backward, left-right and anywhere in between, i.e., toward 360 degrees. The wide diameter of the fulcrum gives more stability than our economy balance board whose fulcrum has a smaller diameter.  Standing on a balance board, exercises muscles that are not exercised by standing on rocker boards that tilt in only two (opposite) directions

Suitable for ages 4+

Dia 40 cm, 9 cm H

Maximum Load 120 kgs



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