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Blue Bot Programmable Floor Robot Bluetooth

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The new and improved Blue-Bot® is a perfect starting point for teaching control, and you can wirelessly control it with your tablet or PC.

Blue-Bot can now detect another Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot® and say hello. They will play a default sound or the students can record their own.

Students can also record audio to play back when each button is pressed, making it more accessible to all students, including those with auditory or visual processing needs. 

Blue-Bot has a clear shell so children can see the components inside. It is also rechargeable so you don't need to worry about replacing costly batteries. 

You can still use Blue-Bot like a normal Bee-Bot and program it using the buttons on the robot.

However, Blue-Bot is now capable of connecting to tablets, PCs and Macs, allowing you to take the programming much further.

Download the free iOS/Android app to connect to tablets, or download the Windows and Mac software to connect to your desktop.

Please note the app does not require any personal information from the user.

For another fun way to program Blue-Bot, please see our Blue-Bot Tactile reader.

 Not suitable to be used in sand or water.

Suitable for ages +6 years.

Product Code BLU001
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