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Build and Balance Course Starter Set

by WIN001
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€256.10 ex. VAT

This set includes 2 x tops (10 cm high x 27 cm diameter), 3 x tops (24 cm high x 40 cm diameter) and 5 x planks (72 cm long by 13 cm wide by 3 cm high). Given the 2 different heights of the tops the course can be set up so that the child has to balance on the planks and also has to negotiate moving up and down slopes, thus increasing the challenge.

Additional Information

The balance beam is a great device to challenge kids' ability to balance and control their body position. For kids to really improve their balance, they need increasingly difficult activities that challenge the sensory and motor systems to work more efficiently. It is from these experiences that their bodies adapt and achieve better balance. 

Products Compatible With Build and Balance Course

Foot Prints - Product code FOO002, use as a visual cue on the beams for the reluctant user.

Max Weight: 100 kg

Age: 5+

Product Code BUI002
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