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CanDo® Donut Ball - Yellow - 18" Dia x 10" H (45 cm Dia x 25 cm H)

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CanDo® Donut Ball offers a unique balance challenge. 

More stable than a traditional exercise ball but provides many of the same benefits. Shape offers unique balance challenge for core strengthening. Can be used as a dynamic prop for mat exercises. Perfect for sensory play.

The Cando Donut Ball offers a unique balance challenge to improve balance & build core strength. The shape offers benefits of a balance ball including core strength and balance improvement.

Choose the right Donut based on your height, just like an exercise ball!

This ball is yellow, has an 18" diameter and is recommended for users under 50" tall. 

Requires inflation ( pump not included)

Dimensions: 18" x 10" x 17"

Weight: 2.0 lbs

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

Age: 3 years +

The Faster Blaster Pump (FAS004) is suitable to blow up this product.

Caution: Ball is not punctureproof and may cause serious bodily injury. Keep away from sharp objects or heat sources. For use under professional supervision only.

Inflation: For best results, inflate with a high volume manual or powered pump. Inflate until just firm; allow Ball to rest overnight, then inflate to desired size. Like all inflated items, ball will lose air over time and require re-inflation. 

Product Code CAN019
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