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Chewbuddy Tubes - Pack of 2

by SEN001
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Our brand new multi functional Chewbuddy Tubes made from medical grade material.

A set of 2 Chewbuddy Tubes are included in each pack - one smooth and one with tactile nodules for sensory feedback.

Can be used as :

  • a chewy pencil topper for those that like to chew and mouth pencils and pens
  • a pencil grip to help handwriting and pen control
  • hoody toggles for those that chew clothes and cords
  • a chewy necklace when put on a safety cord or lanyard
Fits all standard pens and pencils - helps boost concentration and focus.

To fit as a pencil grip or if the pencil topper is a tight fit, put the tube into very hot / boiling water for a couple of minutes (take care!) - this will make the tube easier to push over the pencil.

Use under superivsion at all times and check regularly - discontinue at first signs of wear and tear.

Latex free

Colours may vary

For ages 3+

Product Code CHE050
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