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Comprehensive Scissor Assessment Kit

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Designed for use by Children’s Occupational Therapists, this Comprehensive Assessment Kit allows the therapist to assess their clients with the different types of adapted scissors to identify the most appropriate.  

There are 15 scissors (including left-hand versions where appropriate) of 10 different styles. 

 Guidance notes giving specific information on each type is provided.


MEG-1      Mini Easi-Grip® scissors

PEG-1        Easi-Grip® scissors RH

PEG-1/L     Easi-Grip® scissors LH

LEG-1         Long Loop Easi-Grip® scissors RH

LEG-1/L     Long Loop Easi-Grip® scissors LH

LPR-1         Long Loop scissors RH

LPL-1          Long Loop scissors LH

LPR-1/SO   Long Loop Self-Opening scissors RH

LPL-1/SO   Long Loop Self-Opening scissors LH

PR-1/SO     Self-Opening scissors RH

PL-1/SO     Self-Opening scissors LH

PTR-1         Dual Control Teaching scissors RH

PTL-1          Dual Control Teaching scissors LH

CTT-1          Push Down Table Top Scissors

PTT-1/WB  Table Top Scissors Mounted on Wooden Base

Suitable from ages 3 years+

Use with adult supervision always

Product Code PET027
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