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Dad's Angry Reaction - Book & CD

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An engaging story with clever rhymes that will encourage children to explore the effects of anger when displayed in negative ways.

The story also reveals the consequences for the rest of the family (and pets!) who are affected by it – when dad roars and slams the door it catches the cat and makes it screech, the screech wakes the baby who then screams, the scream startles mum who drops a plate on her foot and breaks her toe. She falls on to the dog who howls and leaps on to the sister, who falls against the fish tank which smashes, spilling its contents all over 
the floor!
What a disaster, all because of dad’s reaction to the football  score!

After reading the story to an individual child or small groups – it is ideal for circle time – use the questions at the end to discuss the situation. With more than 20 questions you can pick and choose the ones covering the areas that you wish to work on as they look at the situation from different points of view. 

The questions include:

· What emotion is dad expressing? How can you tell?
· Is it wrong to feel that emotion? Why?
· What makes you react this way?
· What does the word consequence mean?
· Think back to a time you reacted like dad, what were the consequences?
· Are there always consequences to every choice of behaviour? 
· Who was affected by dad’s reaction?
· Can you think of a time that someone else's reactions affected you? What happened? 
· Who is in control of how dad reacted?
· Do you think that dad could have chosen to react another way to show how he was feeling?

The book concludes with a couple of worksheets to help children expand their vocabulary and think of alternative ways of behaving in a similar situation.

Age: 3 years +

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