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Farmyard Heads & Tails (24 Pieces)

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In this first matching activity for children aged from 18 months, your child is encouraged to find matching heads and tails to make the 12 farmyard friends.


This activity has been designed to encourage observation and matching skills.


As your child gets older and grows in confidence and ability, the activity develops into a simple pairs game, helping to promote turn taking, whilst developing language and memory skills.

Contents: 24 chunky wipe clean cards (12 pairs)

As an activity for very young children This activity can be enjoyed by one or more children.

Suitable for ages + 18 months.

As a game for older children This pairs game can be played by 1-4 children.

Setting up:

  • Shuffle the cards and spread them out, face down, on the table. To play
  • The youngest player begins by turning over two cards. If the cards match to make a complete farmyard friend, the child places the cards together in front of them and makes the sound of that friend.
  • The player can then turn over another two cards in an attempt to find another matching pair.
  •  If the two cards turned over do not make a complete farmyard friend they are returned, face down, to the table and play passes to the next player.
  • Play continues until all the farmyard friends have been found and there are no face down cards left on the table. The winner The winner is the player with the most farmyard friends at the end of the game.
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