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Floor Surfer - Scooter Board

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The Floor Surfer has been developed in partnership with children’s physiotherapists to ensure safe use by any child irrespective of motor skills level.
The raised front part of the Floor Surfer supports the coccyx when the child is sitting and the sternum when child is lying down.
The Floor Surfer is slightly tapered at the front to give increased freedom of movement for the child’s arms.
The wheels are screened to minimise the risk of running over the child’s fingers. Quality wheels with double ball bearings and non-smudging wheels in clear PU.
The narrow sides act as handles where the child’s hands are protected by the protruding corners.
Made of plastic with inserts of EVA foam to give the Floor Surfer an attractive surface.

L : 56 cm, W : 37 cm, H : 14 cm
From 2 years+
Max load 100 kg

Scooter boards can be used to develop skills in the following areas, upper body and core strength, motor planning activities and as part of a sensory diet.Our Fun Deck- Scooter Board Activities code Fun015 gives 54 illustrated ideas for using a scooter board and is sold separately. We recommend that you discuss with your Therapist which scooter board is most suited to your child/pupil. 

Product Code FLO010
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