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Froggy Feeding Fun

by LEA001
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Squeeze the frog’s mouth to catch a treat in this unique fine motor skills game.

Players roll the dice to determine the number and colour of flies to collect, then manipulate the durable plastic frog to collect them.  

Promotes handwriting position, teaches colours, counting and more.

Includes two frogs, 60 foam flies in six colours, two dice and an activity guide.

Frogs measure 6.5cm in diameter.

Suitable for age 3+

Key points

  • Size is conducive to whole hand grasping. It helps keep tight fists open
  • Encourages bilateral coordination—children can grasp the frog with one hand and feed it with the other. Helps establish a dominant hand and support cognitive organisation.
  • Flies can be used to create sequencing patterns ( blue, red, blue etc)
  • Reinforces both numbers and counting skills using the number symbol (e.g. “2”) together with a representation – (e.g. 2 flies)
  • Product Code FRO006
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