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Helping Children To Improve Their Gross Motor Skills


Help children with motor coordination difficulties to develop their gross motor skills in a fun way with this guided programme for children and young people aged 5-18.

Activity worksheets provide detailed descriptions of how gross motor tasks can be accomplished through incremental stages, culminating in the achievement of the specific task. The step-by-step programme is divided into two sections: 

learning basic skills, which includes balance, jumping, climbing, skipping, ball skills, riding a bike and more
developing specific sports skills, which includes football, badminton, basketball, netball, tennis, bowling and more. 

The Stepping Stones Curriculum will enable adults to chart the progress of a child and allow children to become engaged in mastering motor coordination skills. Supplementary aids such as warm up and cool-down activity sheets, an initial assessment tool and a certificate of achievement will help parents and professionals to deliver the programme effectively at home or at school.

Paperback 256 pages

Product Code HEL013