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This set of five 'hilltops', in different heights, will inspire children to jump from top to top.

Hilltops develop children's ability to estimate distances and heights.

Each top has a rubber rim to prevent them from slipping and to protect the floor.

Hilltops are made so that they cannot overturn. 

Helps to develop better coordination, balance and motor planning in an imaginative, fun environment. 

The set includes suggestions for games.

Max load 100kg.

Use under the supervision of an adult.

Additional Information

The five hill tops come in three different heights.  

  • 2 stones measuring 36x36x36 cm, height 8.5 cm 
  • 2 stones measuring 40.5x40.5x40.5 cm, height 17 cm 
  • 1 section measuring 42x42x42 cm, height 25.5 cm

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Product Code HIL001
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