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I Have a Question about Divorce

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Divorce is a difficult topic for any parent or educator to explain to a child, perhaps even more so when the child has Autism Spectrum Disorder or other special needs. This book is designed specifically to help children with these additional needs to understand what divorce means.

Using a question and answer format, it explores the changes and feelings a child may experience during a divorce, and provides ideas to help cope with this life change. Illustrated with SymbolStix, which uses a symbol-based language for visual thinkers, this book explains a difficult topic to children who might otherwise struggle to understand it, and gives additional guidance for parents and carers.

Considering the questions a child might have about divorce, it gently offers answers to them using straightforward text and clear illustrations. Perfect for children aged 5-11 with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other special needs, or for concrete or visual learners.

2018, 8.27in x 8.27in / 210mm x 210mm, 40pp 

Product Code IHA002
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