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It's Raining and I'm Okay

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Children with special needs often feel overwhelmed while out and about, but this simple rhyming story can help them to reduce feelings of anxiety. Ideal for kids aged 3-7, this bright and reassuring picture book offers calming strategies, useful symbols for pre-readers, and downloadable notes to support kids who feel anxious out of the home.

Oh no! It's raining!
Oh no! People everywhere!
Oh no! It's getting noisy!

But I count to ten, take a deep breath...and I'm okay.

This rhyming story helps children aged 3-7 face unfamiliar surroundings and experiences and feel less anxious when they are out and about. It offers calming techniques that can help when things don't go to plan, when you get stuck in a crowd, or when you start to feel tired at the end of a long day. Particularly suited to children with special needs and learning differences, including autism, symbols on each page help pre-readers begin to recognise words. With bright illustrations, and accompanying notes, lesson plans and worksheets available to download, this book can be used to help children think about situations they find tricky and better cope with feelings of anxiety.

2017, 8.27in x 8.27in / 210mm x 210mm, 40pp 

Product Code ITS003
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