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Jelly Fish Tank

by PLA003
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The Jelly Fish Tank is an ideal stress reliever and classroom resource, that will impress and delight those who see it.

The tank compromises of 7 beautiful jelly fish that are so real and realistic thatfascinate with their movements. The tank has a specifically timed water jet system that let jelly fish twist and turn in a realistic way.

The colours can be randomly set that with each stare the colours have changed providing a newdelight to the eyes and senses. This will calm down even the most agitated children. Can be used in a dark room for the ultimate sensory experience or in a regular classroom environment to enjoy with the colourful 3D backing.

  • LED lights – phases through colours or set to one
  • Features 7 jellyfish
  • Near Silent Motors
  • Powered by UK mains plugs
  • Measures approx: 44 x 23 x 7cm
  • Use under adult supervision.

Caution: not recommended for children under 12 years of age. As with all electrical products, precautions should be observed dduring handling and use to prevent electric shock.

We also recommend the use of Distilled Water in to prevent bacteriological infections, slime and green algae forming in the column as well as prolonging its life expectancy.

The kind of water you have depends on the surrounding geology and the source of your water supply - whether it is river or ground water.

Most of Ireland has hard water. 

Hard water causes problems mainly because it forms scale in appliances resulting in reduced flow and efficiency.

Please note: Always take care when filling/emptying the tube as water and electric do not mix. Over filling could cause an excess of water that could in turn lead to lights shorting-out.

Product Code JEL010
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