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Lets Go Lotto Game

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Let's Go Lotto is an early matching and memory game for children aged 2-5.

Play pieces are turned upside down on the table.

Each child is given a playing board which is one of 4 vehicles.

On their turn the child turns over a playing piece.

if it is a passenger on their vehicle, they place it on their board.

If the passenger is not on their board they have to show the piece to the rest of the players, then replace it upside down back on the table.

Using their visual memory skills the children have to try and remember where the pieces that belong to their board are replaced on the table by the other players.

Playing boards feature different modes of transport including a plane, a boat, a train and a bus.

This game can be used to help young learners learn about transport and travel and animals from around the world and prepare young children for travelling.

Reccomended Age: 2 Years +

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