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by GYM001
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Replacement Plug for Peanut Physio Rolls / Gym Balls

Also suitable for Gymnic Classic/Gymnic Classic Plus/Gymnic Plus

Gym Ball/Physio Gymnic/Gymnic Arte

Therasensory/Opti Ball/Body Ball/Physio Roll

Physio Roll Plus/Sens’o’Roll/Physio Activity Roll

Sit’n’Gym Perla/Sit’n’Gym/Sit’n’Gym Jr.

Fit-Ball/Fit-Ball Roller/Training Roll

Disc’o’Sit/Disc’o’Sit Jr.

Movin’ Sit/Movin’Sit Jr.

Comfort’a’Back/Vita Roll

Activity Ball/Jinglin’ Ball/Soffy

Rody/Rock’n’Rody/Speedy Rody/Rody Max/Gyffy/Raffy

Hop/Hop Fantasy/Oppy/Pony

Product Code PLU001
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