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Puttycise® Theraputty® tool - Cap Turn

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Puttycise® is great for use with Theraputty® to increase function and versatility.

The cap turn is meant to simulate opening or closing a water bottle, turning on a stove, or tightening a large bolt.

Exercise Descriptions:

Standard Turn: Push base into putty, hold cap with a standard grasp, turning through putty simulating opening a bottle cap.

Intrinsic Turn: Push base into putty, position the digits into an intrinsic plus position to turn tool through putty.

Tip Turn: Push base into putty, oppose thumb to selected digit to hold cap while turning tool through putty. Promotes thumb to digit ROM and improves FM coordination.

“C” Grip: Push base into putty, curl digits around the cap while turning through putty. Teaches joint protection technique through using an alternative hold/grasp to decrease repetitive ulnar stress on the MP joints and the CMC joint. Can also promote digit fl exion and fl exor tendon glide.

FPL Turn: Push base into putty, emphasize thumb tip to produce turning through putty. Promotes FPL tendon glide and thumb IP joint ROM.

FPL Push: Place base on a mound of putty, use thumb tip to push tool into putty. Simulates pushing a button. Promotes FPL tendon glide and thumb IP joint ROM.

Made of durable plastic.

See other Puttycise® tools for additional exercises.

1 x 2 x 4 inches

Theraputty sold separately

Use under adult supervision

Product Code PUT010
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