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Southpaw Mini Crash Pit (151410)


€1,097.56 ex. VAT

The Southpaw Mini Crash Pit is fun and inviting for children who crave crash-and-burn input.

At just 53" x 53", it is small enough to fit in any treatment room.

Please note that the Balls are not included.

Sold with a Vinyl bottom  and in Midnight Blue unless specified otherwise

Dimensions: 49"L x 24"H x 4"D (Each wall) (124 x 61 x 10 cm)
45"L x 45"W (Inside) (114 x 114cm)
53"L x 53"W (Outside) (135 x 135 cm)
Age: 3 years +
Use under adult supervision

Southpaw Product Code 151410


Product Code SPW358
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