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Storycards - Adjectives

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48 cards which develop comprehension and expression of adjectives.

A set of 48 large format cards which have two of the same items on each card to illustrate a variety of different adjectives.

For example:

  • Big and little - parcels, hats, balls, sunglasses, teddies
  • Long and short - hair, socks, dresses, ribbons, sleeves and trousers
  • Clean and dirty - faces, trousers, plates, arms and legs
  • Open and closed - lunch boxes, umbrellas, books, jewellery boxes
  • Wet and dry - girls, hands, painting, hair.

The concepts and vocabulary shown relate to common experiences and have been selected for use with a wide range of ages, interests and language abilities.

Age: 4+

Product Code STO001
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